Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quilled Photo Mats

Hello again, here are the three other quilled photo mats that I wanted to post before but couldn't get to upload right!!! I did these earlier last year but never posted them. My ever increasing quilling and paper art supplies are getting out of control and I need to do some fancy organization today so that I can actually FIND all of what I have so that I can use it!

These three photo mats are for 5 X 7 photos and have folded roses, fringe flowers, quilled flowers, leaves, hydrangeas, and punched flower accents with pearls. I just love making these photo mats. I found a bunch of these in the rectangular and oval shapes at a local dollar store and they are just as nice as the more expensive ones! I was so happy because I can quill them to my hearts content and not worry about the cost of the mat.

I am still having problems with the position of my pictures and will have to do some searching for what the "user error" is that I seem to be making! Sorry for the quality of the pictures also, I took them! My daughter usually comes and photographs them for me but I decided to try and do it and you see the results, lol! I need to get her to teach me a few Photo Shop tricks so that I can edit them a little better.

Tomorrow I will post on our day trip to Galveston and have some pictures of how the rebuilding is going. Until then,
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Beth aka BR-T said...

These are amazing! I love fussy detail work its my quiet center. BR-T

Karthika Sen said...

Amazing.... nice work..
visit if you get a chance

Anita Kumar said...

Gorgeous quilling !