Saturday, February 28, 2009

Febuary 2009 Update on Galveston Texas with Pictures!

EDITED TO ADD: The picture link below has been updated on 3-6-09, to show the Moody Garden area, the seawall, and beach repair.

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In looking at the post hits, I saw that many visits were for the Update on Galveston Texas. Unfortunately my first post did not include the pictures that we took while we were visiting there at the first of February because they were deleted by that phantom person in our house! But, good news! A friend who lives in Galveston graciously took more pictures for us to post so you could see the ongoing rebuilding of Galveston.

Click on the link here: mhtml:%7B5B409185-9F95-4D2B-AD8C-F1F7B60C1FBD%7Dmid://00000015/!x-usc: and you can see them. There are pictures of the 91st pier or what is left of it, and a truck that was washed up on the pier and stranded there, the Flagship hotel which is still has extensive damage, you can see straight through the bottom floor, and as of now there are not any repairs being done on it. The pictures of the Strand show the work being done and there has been even more progress since the first of the month. The carriage is back so that means that things are starting to try to get back to normal. Kings Candy was rebuilding as well as other stores, as fast as they are going it should be soon. The water line is shown in one of the photos,it is on the red stone building on the Strand.

Galveston State Park is shown and you can see the entrance is still closed but the sign saying it will be back after rebuilding! When we were down there the surge gutted park headquarters office was still standing, but in these pictures it has been demolished, so the clean-up is progressing.
There are no pictures of the beach repair, but that was going along nicely with truckload after truckload of sand being piled up on the beaches along the seawall. And, even with the erosion there still was plenty of beach to use where they hadn't gotten to yet. Stewart Beach looked forlorn with many of the structures wiped off the beach but the main public building where the concession's/showers/and such is still there. I'm sure that by summer it will be filled with people enjoying the sun and water again!
There are no pictures of Moody Gardens yet but there was work on Schlitterbahn and the area looks like it should be back up by summer or sooner. I will see if we can get more pictures in the coming weeks to show the progress in all these areas, so check back every so often to see how Galveston is progressing!
EDITED TO ADD: If you would like to have more updates on Galveston, leave me a comment to let me know! I'll keep posting updates every so often if you want to see more!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update. I am very interested in the progress. My family is planning to vacation there this year in June. We were scheduled to come down last year the Monday after Ike and have been looking forward to the island being ready for visitors again. Amy