Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Slide show of my latest Quilling

These are a few of my latest quilled cards. I am going to try some bookmarks tomorrow and test out my new border punches.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'v been tagged!

My sister tagged me! I'm not sure what this is all about except that I'm supposed to tell 7 facts about me, wow that's a boring subject!

Here it goes:

1. Despite me being part of the equation, my husband and I will be married 30 years this December, we were married very young.

2. I am really Elly Mae where critters are concerned, we had 7 dogs at one time. No the one in the picture isn't one of them, he just emoting the moment for me.

3. Jobs/careers I had: keypunch (showing my age here), real estate agent, all kinds of data processing, office manager, day care manager (a very short time!), jewelry business, dog trainer, ministry. Is that enough?

4. I love to travel but love to get back home.

5. I love and do any kind of craft, and have to get every supply known to man to do it!

6. I have started my first real garden and have killed just about every house plant I have ever had.

7. I love my family and we kid each other that we are the real "Barones". lol.

Ok, that's two posts in one day! Just in case you want to see the above dog and more like it, click on this link - http://ihasahotdog.com/ .

Comments would be really great on what to do next!

Finally back to blogging!

Well I am resting up after the hectic week of preparing for Pesach (Passover). My back decides to go awol on me when I stand for to long. A short post for today and then tomorrow, I promise, a post on Unleavened Bread and First Fruits.

The two pictures below are so that my blog isn't "Blahg" ala Paula Bauer. lol. I am new to this blogging thing and I am learning so much by visiting others blogs that are so interesting and well done.

What happens when you get tired of your grandchildren and can't send them back to their parents!

Your feed them to the T-REX!


What you do to teenagers! (For any reason!)

Ok, so they aren't technically teenagers anymore, but could you tell me when they outgrow it? This was taken on our trip to Corpus Christi and the day after we were touring the USS Lexington, we returned to finish our tour. It is a museum aircraft carrier and we were touring it the day before when tornado force winds came up when we were on the flight deck. My husband was at the aft end of the deck taking pics and almost didn't make it back into the super structure. He was losing ground fast and if he had fallen it would have been "MAN OVERBOARD!"
Until tomorrow.
If you have the time please comment, they are always welcome!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Smell of Fresh Baked Bread

Today the UPS man brought my brand new Kitchenaid mixer! I bought it so I could mix the bread dough better. So I ripped into the box and went right to mixing bread dough. I used the white bread dough recipe in the book that came with the mixer to try it out. I put the dough in the warm oven to rise and then read in the recipe that it made two loaves. I only had one small loaf pan. Off to the store to buy bread pans! I love the way the mixer kneads the dough for you. I have trouble doing it because of my back and can't work it enough so that it will be light. My husband even tried it out baking two loaves of banana bread. My daughter in the Navy stationed in Bremerton, WA was on the phone while he was mixing it and said to send her some! Won't she be surprised when she receives a banana bread! It will probably cost a bunch to send it 2nd day air so it won't be spoiled by the time it reaches her, but it will be worth it to hear her laughter.

The garden is growing well and I have a tomato with a nose that looks like Gonzo off of Sesame Street! I think when it is ripe I will put two wiggle eyes on it and tell my grandsons that it is Gonzo! They want to pick them right now. I quilled a little Trex dino for my oldest grandson and then my youngest one wanted a big dino picture. So we went to the store to look for coloring books that had the right kind of pictures that could be filled in with quilled shapes. We found his favorite one, a triceratops, and he asks everyday if I have finished it. Well tomorrow night is the start of the Sabbath and I will try the challah recipie out on my new mixer.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back from our mini vacation

We are back from our mini vacation to the Texas hill county and can update my blog. The weather was beautiful and the RV park we stayed in was the nicest one yet. The Wimberly Market Days was one of our stops and it was a "shop till you drop" morning. What we didn't know was that in Round Top there was a huge, miles long, along the road Antiques Fair that same weekend and we missed it! But we stopped by anyway and looked around for a place to have lunch, which there wasn't, and decided to take some pictures of the bluebonnets in a field. Below is a picture of a rare white one. I guess it would be called a "whitebonnet"? The flowers were not as much as they have been in past years, maybe we went too early to see them. But it was a nice getaway. Below also is pictures of my papillon, Chloe, who went with us on our trip. She loves to have her picture taken. And since this trip was to see bluebonnets I posted a pictures of my quilled Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush. I haven't used them in a picture yet and when I do I will post it.

Some good news from my youngest daughter who called us when she recieved a letter from Stephen F. Austin U. informing her of her acceptance into nursing school this fall. A good thing she is becoming a nurse then we won't have to worry about our care when we get old!