Monday, April 21, 2008

I'v been tagged!

My sister tagged me! I'm not sure what this is all about except that I'm supposed to tell 7 facts about me, wow that's a boring subject!

Here it goes:

1. Despite me being part of the equation, my husband and I will be married 30 years this December, we were married very young.

2. I am really Elly Mae where critters are concerned, we had 7 dogs at one time. No the one in the picture isn't one of them, he just emoting the moment for me.

3. Jobs/careers I had: keypunch (showing my age here), real estate agent, all kinds of data processing, office manager, day care manager (a very short time!), jewelry business, dog trainer, ministry. Is that enough?

4. I love to travel but love to get back home.

5. I love and do any kind of craft, and have to get every supply known to man to do it!

6. I have started my first real garden and have killed just about every house plant I have ever had.

7. I love my family and we kid each other that we are the real "Barones". lol.

Ok, that's two posts in one day! Just in case you want to see the above dog and more like it, click on this link - .

Comments would be really great on what to do next!


Gene and Charli said...

What a great blog. Your blog has been chosen as one of the next blogs we're reviewing. The review will be listed by Monday 1/11/10. We hope you enjoy it and it brings more readers to this wonderful and useful blog.

Flavia said...

You forgot to say in your About Me that you are a true artist. I've been doing quilling for three years now and rarely have I seen work as beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration!