Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Smell of Fresh Baked Bread

Today the UPS man brought my brand new Kitchenaid mixer! I bought it so I could mix the bread dough better. So I ripped into the box and went right to mixing bread dough. I used the white bread dough recipe in the book that came with the mixer to try it out. I put the dough in the warm oven to rise and then read in the recipe that it made two loaves. I only had one small loaf pan. Off to the store to buy bread pans! I love the way the mixer kneads the dough for you. I have trouble doing it because of my back and can't work it enough so that it will be light. My husband even tried it out baking two loaves of banana bread. My daughter in the Navy stationed in Bremerton, WA was on the phone while he was mixing it and said to send her some! Won't she be surprised when she receives a banana bread! It will probably cost a bunch to send it 2nd day air so it won't be spoiled by the time it reaches her, but it will be worth it to hear her laughter.

The garden is growing well and I have a tomato with a nose that looks like Gonzo off of Sesame Street! I think when it is ripe I will put two wiggle eyes on it and tell my grandsons that it is Gonzo! They want to pick them right now. I quilled a little Trex dino for my oldest grandson and then my youngest one wanted a big dino picture. So we went to the store to look for coloring books that had the right kind of pictures that could be filled in with quilled shapes. We found his favorite one, a triceratops, and he asks everyday if I have finished it. Well tomorrow night is the start of the Sabbath and I will try the challah recipie out on my new mixer.

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Jacob said...

Oh...I miss homemade bread. I quit making it when my kitchenaid died. Looking forward to the day, soon approaching, when I get a Bosch. Then we can enjoy that warm, home-y smell wafting through our home again.

What a lovely and fun surprise for your daughter...and a wonderful expression of your love for her!

Sonya said...

Thank you jacob for your warm comment. Even today our house still has that yummy bread smell!

JoAnnC. said...

A KitchenAid? I'm sooo envious! Do you realize that you'll never have to buy a store bought loaf of bread again? You can make your own for approx .40 a loaf! Bread dough also freezes very well, just place in a "Pam-ed" ziplock after the first rise. Check out my rustic ciabatta style pizza on my blog (under the baking tab) and you'll never dial Domino's again!
Have fun with your new toy!!

GemStateMom said...

LOL Oh My...apparently my son forgot to sign out of Google...and I omitted to sign in!

the Jacob comment was actually me, Sonya!

Blessings on your week!