Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know I am taking a bit of a break in posting until my husband gets better.  He is having some medical issues and is hospitalized.  I will be back, hopefully soon, your prayers for his recovery will be greatly cherished. 


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quilled Ring Bearer's Pillow

Hi all, as you probably noticed I am doing some blog facelift(s)!??   But it is a work in progress and I want to create a new header etc. etc., and it is taking a lot time.  Especially since I barely know what I am doing!!! lol!  So bear with me until I get it back to "normal".  In the mean time, here is the next project for the Custom Quilling August Newsletter, a Ring Bearer's Pillow, part of a wedding ensemble.  Tomorrow's post has the rest of the wedding ensemble of quilled projects. 

I made this little pillow from a lightweight cream satin with a lace ruffle, pulled down in the center, top and bottom with pearls.  Then I used simple but elegant quilled and velum punched flowers to embellish it The parchment quilling strips that came in the August kit were perfect for a soft, vintage feel to these projects.  You could change the colors and shape, maybe a heart whatever you like for the pillow and the quilled elements, for your specific needs. The pearls could be changed out for crystals or even buttons to change the look. The quilling is glued on the fabric with Zip Dry clear glue, and it holds well.

The corners of the pillow have the same motifs with satin bows also, and the rings are tied in the center. Maybe it will be carried in our family's next wedding.  Saving it for my daughters or grandaughters to use.  I loved working with these beautiful strips that have now become a must have in my stash!  If you want to check out the Custom Quilling August Kit you can click the button on the side bar, it will take you to the site. Check back tomorrow for the other wedding ensemble projects. 

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rhododendron September Calendar Page

Edited to add: My blog may look funny for a bit as I am trying to get the new Blogger Template Designer to work and I can't seem to see the preview.  So, I have to "apply" the changes and look and see what it will look like!!!!  Kinda like trying on clothes and they look good on the hanger, but not on you!! lol!!

Hi all! As promised here is the first of the Custom Quilling August Newsletter design team projects.  This is the last of the perpetual Quilled and Floral Punch calendar.  It has been so much fun to create these and I could keep on going with the wealth of designs!  September features rhododendron flowers in pink and purple.  These little puff balls are formed with a sakura flower punch and the small cosmos flower for the centers.  They are formed like the hydrangea blossoms on a rounded 1" circle punch.  The centers are shaded with a darker pink and purple before adding the stamens.  The leaves are made from the lily punch. 

I used the pink and purple card stock from the August Custom Quilling kit to make these striking blossoms but you could use the coffee filter/watercolor method also.  Now that the calendar is finished it is time to replace the months with the new year and enjoy them all over again! If you were inspired to create a calendar, link it in the comments section to share it!!  There are some other awesome supplies in the kit and I will be sharing the other projects made from them tomorrow and the day after.  A hint of the projects is: it is made from fabric and quilling, so check back to see.

If you are looking for the Fred She Said July Blog Hop, it is the post below this one.  Thanks for all the super sweet encouragement on the new DT FSS image projects!!! Good Luck!