Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Nod to my Czech Heritage

I have been doing some genealogy investigation on my fathers side and have found out that my great-grandfather and family immigrated from Bohemia, before it was a part of the Czech Republic. I am still trying to find more info but while I am running down any leads I decided to try make some Kolaches a fruit filled pastry made in that region.

I used this recipe: and also some of the fillings from this one: . My first attempt is pictured above. The dough was light and very soft it came out perfect! I didn't put them close enough together to get the square sides as you traditional see but they came out great anyway. I made a second batch for our congregations Hanukkah party and made them smaller more bite size and put them closer together and they came out great also. But, the night that I made them it was VERY humid here in Houston and the dough was stickier than usual, I should have put a little more flour in the dough, so adjust if needed. I also "glazed" them with a liquid powdered sugar glaze, but they are great with out it if you decide not to!

Have fun and give them a try, it's a great recipe for beginners and they taste great! If you haven't already search out your heritage and try out a recipe from it! If you try making Kolaches post and let me know!

Until the next post, Shalom!


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