Monday, February 9, 2009

Is America a Democracy?

Please give me grace, this is not going to be a post about quilling or paper arts. I have not posted about politics, government or such things, but now as it is a topic of much concern I have jumped in and offer caution in these dire times. After reading many articles, blogs and their comments I have seen that there is much confusion on what government is and what it's use is. This video can clear up a lot of what we have forgotten in our high school government class.

In these tough economic times many have looked to the government as a way out. The government does not control the economy, yet. Nor do you want it to. What is economics? The short definition is the buying, selling and trading of commodities, goods and services. In other words you and I buy, sell and trade. We make the economy either good or bad, not the government.

Think about the government controlling the economy. What would that look like? Do you want the government to control what you buy, how much it will cost, when you can buy it? As a business person, do you want the government to regulate and control what you can sell, how much you can produce, or even if you can start a business? It is heading in that direction now. I am not advocating anarchy but the responsible use of government. We the people made the economy the way it is now, and the government and contol cannot get us out of it, only we can, unless we want a scenario like in the above video. It will take time to fix and we are reaping the rewards of a lifestyle of getting what you want, when you want it, and not expecting to have to pay for it now.

Unfortunately we are having to pay for it, now. People are loosing their jobs, health care (if they had it to begin with), and homes. The old saying is true, what goes up must come down, and it is coming down hard. We cannot expect to live that same fast and furious lifestyle of consumption at any cost. We have to be responsible and not trade our freedom for protection or freedom from poverty. The proposed stimulus plan is reactionary and has been tried in history and failed (easily researched). This is not about Democrats and Republicans, it is about our future and our freedom. It doesn't matter which "side" we are on the problem is the same, the needs are the same. Our Constitution is our government by law. Is it perfect, no, nothing ever is. But it is the best solution, let's keep it, the other options are worse.

Now is the time to tighten our budgets and take care of each other. We can get through this together and not with governmental control and interference. Let's pick up the pieces and make a better solution for ourselves responsibly. These are tough times and tougher ones are ahead of us. Let's look for balanced solutions to our problems and not take the "quick fix", that never is a true solution.

Don't go along with everything you hear from the media, politician, or governmental representatives. Let us research what is in these "economic stimulus" bills and ultimately what it will cost us. Let us research at what cost health care reform will take and what the form of health care will eventually become. Read this article:

Who will be those "worthy" of care, who will say what medical treatment that you deserve or need? There is a possibility for great misuse in this health care reform bill. Time and debate are needed to fully solve this problem and keep our freedoms intact.

We must be responsible and not reactionary or we will loose our freedom for the price of "bread and circuses" as the Romans did. History repeats itself if we are not careful. Our Constitution is being trampled upon "for our best interests", "for our protection" and many other "good" reasons. Yes we have great needs and problems in our country, but we do not need to give our freedom away to solve them. Let's look within ourselves to see if we have been a part of the problem(s) and to see ways that we can be a part of the solution. It is a hard look in the mirror, I know, I have and it isn't pretty. Change starts with us, not the government. Keep America free, be informed, be involved, let us work together!

Thanks for letting me digress from art and such and have this soapbox for a few minutes. My prayers for all of us and our country, may God guide us in these troubling times.

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JoAnnC. said...

You should digress more often! Very true what you posted and America needs to wake up!!! What I fear is that our nation is going to get a holy 2x4 upside the head that is going to make 9/11 look like child's play!

Sonya said...

I agree! And it won't be pretty!