Thursday, February 19, 2009

2000th View Blog Candy Update Still on Despite Comment Trouble

BLOG CANDY WINNER: Tasha! Email me your address and I will send this card to you with a matching envelope so that you can send it to friends or family! Thanks to all who commented and TRIED to comment. I hope it is fixed now so the next time I give blog candy away it will work!

Edited to add: Comments still not working in most cases. Leave an email on link at sidebar and you will be entered to win the card. All emails will be deleted after winner is picked and will not be shared, sold or anything else! Sorry for the trouble!

Hi all,

It seems blogger is having trouble letting you comment on the original Blog Candy Post. So try it here and I will add up all off the comments from this post and the original one in order of posts to get the random number. If it still doesn't work you can also you can email me at the contact email on the side bar to enter.

The Blog Candy is still up for grabs, so try to post one place or another and I will choose the winning number tomorrow and post it here on this post! Sorry for the trouble, Thanks for looking!




Sonya said...

Ok, let's try this and see if it works now! If you cannot comment here ues the email link and email me, I truly don't know why it isn't working or if it is????? Seems to have started when I changed my template! Anyway, I would like for someone to win the card so use one of the posts or email me, Thanks for all the effort!

Sal B. said...

Testing comment

JoAnnC. said...

Helloooo, hellooooo, is this thing one? Testing 1,2,3...