Friday, September 4, 2009

Quilled Chanukkia

Hi all! I am back to creating again and can now show you the first of the projects made for Custom Quilling's September Newsletter, a 3D Chanukkia. This is my first attempt at a 3D quilled project. The September Custom Quilling kit comes with a beautiful array of shades of blue quilling strips and even though Chanukka doesn't come until December I thought they would be perfect for this project. I wanted to recreate the ornate designs of some of the stunning silver chanukkia's used during this holiday and added the lighter blue looped decorations and vine.

The candles are made of wide strips rolled on a skewer and I had wanted to make them where you could add one each night of Hanukkah but I couldn't figure out how to get them to stand up without being glued in!!!! So this one will be put under a glass dome and displayed with our other Hanukkah decorations. I might have to try my hand at a 7 branch Menorah next!
There are a few more projects that I have made for the newsletter from the September kit's supplies including a cute snow globe that has enough space in it for quilling that will be posted in the next few days. Be sure to stop by Custom Quilling and see the really beautiful quilled topiary created by my DT quilling partner Sue, I love the color combinations in her flowers!
If you find inspirations from any of the projects that I post please post a link in the comments sections so I and others can see and enjoy! Just another short post for today, I must finish getting ready for Shabbat dinner tonight!
Comments and questions welcome!


Ann Martin said...

So nice to see the close up of your chanukkia - it's really lovely!

irgri said...

очень красиво!

Sue Custer said...

This is simply beautiful!! How did you do it in all 1/16" paper?!!

Love it,

Jerri Kay said...

So incredibly beautiful!

Cathy said...

This is so clever. I don't suppose you can tell me how you made it... I have a Jewish friend I would like to make one for.