Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hi all! Inna from Inna's Creations , who is a super gifted quiller, has nominated my blog for awards!

Now I am to nominate seven other to pass on the awards to, in no particular order:

1. Lisa Phillipi - Adornments by Lisa

2. Paula Bauer - Gem State Quilling/Give it a Twirl (Blog)

3. Jerri K. Jimenez - A Touch of Grace

4. Tracey "Fred" Miller - Fred She Said Designs

5. Joann Creamer - The Creamer Chronicles

6. Ann Martin - All Things Paper

7. Heidi Bishop - Paper Filigree with a Pedigree

These are women and their blogs who have inspired and encouraged me not only in my paper art but life. I could list more but we would be here a lot longer and I will save them for another time!! Check these out if you haven't already, they are great!


Now I must confess! I received another nomination a while back, saved the award pic in my file and was with all good intentions going to post and pass it on. But hectic life, nagging illnesses and my sporadic "memory loss" ( in computer terms, ram overload), and days of not getting it done has now left me with not being able to find the email for who nominated me : ( !! I beg forgiveness and really do appreciate the award and am posting it and passing it along with these! I am still looking and know I have saved it away, but if you are the special person who nominated me please have mercy on me and let me know so I can recognize you!!!! Below is the cute award, Circle of Friends!


Also, according to the rules of the award I must list seven things that you might find interesting:

1. My relationship with Yeshua, my Husband and my family is the most important thing in my life.

2. I am going to be a grandmother again in March!

3. I am of Bohemian ancestry (now Czech Republic), great grandparents immigrated in 1889.

4. I am a Trekkie, and drive my kids crazy watching my DVD's of the shows.

5. My paper crafting room is always a mess!

6. You can call me Ellie Mae because I love dogs and would have as many as I could if my husband would let me!

7. I love to garden but have a black thumb!!!

That is all for now, blogger is acting up. aarrrggh!





Comments welcome!

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