Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's HOT!

Hi all, It is SOOOOO HOTTTT here in Houston and it saps the desire and strength to do anything, the reason that I haven't posted much lately. Please pray that we get some rain, everything that was green is now brown! The above picture is from out little get-a-way to Brazos Bend Park. Our opportunist friend here was so hot he came right up next to my DH outside our travel trailer door and decided to help himself to Mason's ice water! When Mason was taking his picture the little bandit wanted to make sure he got a close-up and investigated the camera! Our friend continued to feast from the "buffet's" at all the other campsites delighting the kids!
I do have some cards to post but will do so tomorrow because I want to spotlight some really "HOT" sites for awesome quilling artists and a new resource for embossing templates and supplies today.
The first quilling artist is Inna from Inna's Creations and she her quilling art is near perfection in it's design and execution. Her quills are symmetrical beauty and she combines the quilling shapes to create stunning artwork. Most of us quillers use pre-cut strips but Inna cuts her own with amazing results! Above is a peek at her latest creation, drop by her site to see some awesome quilling and some great tutorials.

The next quiller is Ann Martin of All Things Paper. Her site not only has some amazing and exquisite quilling but she also has posts of "all things paper". You will find her posts spotlighting all facets and ranges of paper artistry that will leave you wondering "how do they do that with paper?" Mixed in between these truly stunning paper art posts you will see Ann's quilling artistry, and you will see why she has been featured in a museum exhibition recently. Above is a peek at one of Ann's beautiful cards, one of my favorites, and she has much more to awe you on her site. I have yet to finish exploring all the links and wonderful things that both these quillers have on their sites!

If you like the embossed cut out cards that I have done here, then you will love this new webstore for the supplies to make them! Jerri K of A Touch of Grace where I have been inspired to try my hand at embossed cut out work (which I do not come close to compare to Jerri's artistry), has opened a webstore and she has the most beautiful imported templates to knock your socks off! Along with the templates she has imported embossing paper and other supplies that she uses in her awesome projects. You can see all that she has to offer here at her webstore. Her blog with her most recent jaw-dropping projects can be seen here. I will have her store button link (above) on my sidebar so you will always know where to find it!
Well that is all until tomorrow, enjoy exploring these great sites and all they have to offer!


Inna D. said...

Thank you Sonya, it's a big honor to be featured on your wonderful blog!

Ann Martin said...

Thanks so much for the lovely shout out, Sonya!