Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lily Sympathy Card

Hi all. Yet another sympathy card. I had to make this one quickly and wanted to use lilies because the sweet lady was a member of the Day Lily Society. Because the verse and lilies were the focal point I used a muted gold DP. The sheer gold three loop bow serves as a backdrop and was used to perch the lilies and leaves on. The lilies are two sizes and I looked up the many varieties and colors and pared down my choices to use these. I used flower soft on the stamens and it lends a realistic look to them.
I thought it might be a bit much with all those flowers, but I really wanted it to be a remembrance for her daughter who now cares for the garden that is full of these lilies she loved. These lilies are easy to make and you can make four different sizes from one punch! These are one of the flowers that Susan T. Cockburn taught in the most recent floral punch class and you can see more of her fantastic floral punch in her book "Paper Bouquet". Just a short post today and I have a few more projects to finish up this week. Thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments, I appreciate each one!!!!
Comments welcome as always, I love to hear from you!


Anne said...

What a gorgeous sympathy card. The garden you created is absolutely stunning! The gold CS is the perfect backdrop. Great job!!

eva said...

Charming lilies and fairy postcard.

~Michelle~ said...

simply beautiful...I'm sure her daughter will treasure this.
Those lilies are perfection! :)

Lisa Phillippi said...

Just Beautiful! I love all your colors! A wonderful card & keepsake!

Anonymous said...

That's very beautiful card! I'm From Bulgaria. I want to make like this card for B-day for my sister. Her name is Liliya.
I'll be very happy if you show me how I can make like this wonderful lilies.
Thank you :)

Sonya said...

Thanks all for your wonderfully encouraging comments. I will be trying my hand at a tutorial this weekend on floral punch flowers! I don't know if it will be video or just pictures, I'll take both and see which works best. Thanks again!

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...

Simply beautiful, Sonya