Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Ike left

We were blessed by the way of not having very much damage from hurricane Ike. We lost our very large, and only tree in the backyard which split and took out the back fence and then split again! We were only without electricity for 4 days so I count our blessings. The picture above is what Ike left us. This rambunctious boy was running around at a friends house who we were fixing the fence. We didn't want him to run out on the main highway so we took him home with us after looking and asking around if he was someones lost pet.

After a few days of looking for signs of "lost dogs" and checking with the shelters to no avail we decided to keep him. By then Christine, my daughter back from the Navy, was attached to him and he was named Jake. Off to the vet he went and we found out he had heartworms and an infection and thin. Jake is currently being treated for the heartworms and is rotten pug! He will sit by the door when Christine goes to class and howls. He has to be by one of us snuggling when he isn't being a nosy boy getting into everyones business and trying to get the Chloe and Jazzy to play - all the time! He has made himself at home and we have come to love his crazy antics.
Until later, Shalom,

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JoAnnC. said...

Oh, he is adorable! I think you should have named him Ike!