Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quilled Invitation Keepsakes

I haven't posted any of my quilling lately so here are the commissioned pieces and gifts that I have quilled. I love the challenge of doing these invitations as keepsakes. The design is determined by the design of the invitation and some, as you will see, have to be cut apart to fit. The colors are also determined by the colors in the invitation and the flowers requested. I try to use the flowers used in the wedding or event, but sometimes that isn't possible and others are substituted. As I said it can be very challenging to do this.

This is the first commissioned invitation that I have done.

Here is a close-up of the detail

Here is another using the same color scheme and flowers with the addition of calla lilies.

This one was a graduation invitation, challenging for the colors and the invitation had to be cut apart and fit to see all the elements. This one has a hydrangea and two tone fringe flowers.

This one was for my nephew's wedding and it uses the flowers that his bride used in her bouquets. It has pink gerber daisies, a lime green spider mum, green and mango orchids with punched accent flowers. This one was much fuller than I would do in the future.

This is the first invitation that I quilled a border for. I took the picture of it which explains the bad angle of it. The invitation had navy writing on it so I put it on a navy background and used white flowers.

I have another two that I will post later. Practice makes perfect so I will keep practicing and now that I am learning how to do floral punch I will have more options to embellish the invitations that I love to do! I might even dig out my wedding invitation from 30 years ago and quill a border for it.

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JoAnnC. said...

Those are STUNNING! They are really works of art!

Gael said...

You can tell that you take your work very seriously and want to create something unique to each person. Anyone would be thrilled to get such wonderful pieces to save their memories with.