Friday, November 21, 2008

New Photo Tricks

I recently purchased a new camera, my old one wore out in Israel from the over 900 pics! This one is a Cannon PowerShot SD1100 IS, blue case. It has some nice features and special effects. I was playing with the color change option and came up with these:

These were in the sepia option. The one with Jake in it was on a rug that was about that color anyway and so was the dog! The one with my baby granddaughter Ava came out nice and I think I will play with it some more with her dressed and outside.

The picture at the top and these two pictures were taken with the color change option. You can choose a specific color in the picture and the picture will only have that color and the rest will be black and white. I like the effect it has with the collar and ball with Jazzy. The one with Jake and the blue ball is cute also. My rose picture was a little more difficult to get because of the light and shadows so I'll have to practice with that one. But think of the possibilities for these photo options. I might try taking a pic of the kids in sepia and print it off on watercolor paper and "color" in portions of it with my watercolors. There are more options for this camera that I haven't explored yet, but will soon.

And a thanks to my sister for her post yesterday highlighting my quilling. Now if you want to see her blog go to: or click the link in my blogroll. You will find many good and thrifty tips there, along with great recipies, gardening and thrift store finds with ideas to use them.

Well, I have to finish a quilling piece for a wedding gift for Saturday night and I will post it tomorrow along with another invitation keepsake that I have recently finished. So off to my craft table.

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