Monday, December 6, 2010

Quilled Floral Jewelry Set

Hi all, back from celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary. I don't know where all of that time went! We didn't do anything extravagant, just went away for the weekend camping.  It was nice to get away for a couple of days, we don't get to do it as much as we used to.  My DH and I enjoyed our time together even though we didn't catch any fish, again!

I have a project that I made for this month's Custom Quilling newsletter and one that I will be making more of, quilled jewelry.  I have seen many quillers who have made beautiful earrings and such, but I have never tried it.  So when I was making one of the other projects for the newsletter out of the silver edge black strips in the kit and it reminded me of antique silver jewelry and I decided to gave it a try. The kit is sold out but you can get these great strips from Denise at Custom Quilling Click on any picture to enlarge.

For the necklace I used three filigree pieces as bases to put the quilled motifs on and give it a little more stability and attached them together with jump rings.  The center motif is a two layer fantasy flower made from tear drop and marquise shapes.  The two side motifs are buds with looped leaves and tight coil berries. There is a little dangle drop of looped shapes.  I added aurora crystals to the centers and beads among the flower bud motifs.  There are black crystals and bead drops from the black chain necklace.

 The earrings use the same double layer fantasy flower motif.  I used two premade wire jewelry pin loops in between the layers that help with the stability and even hang of the earrings.  No filigree piece was used as a base.  Looped leaves and tight coil berries were added to the bottom of the flower.  Three dangles of chain and beads and aurora crystals finished the matching earrings.

The next piece in the set is a pin.  For the base I used two solid fan pieces glued together.  Another flower motif and beaded chain dangles and aurora crystals with a pin back. 

They can be worn together or separately.  I love the vintage look these silver edged black strips give the quilling and they are perfect for creating quilled jewelry. My youngest daughter is modeling the jewelry and my oldest daughter took the photos for me. I loved making this set and it will be the first in many.  Back with another of the projects later!  Thanks for all the comments!



Лика said...

This elegant, delicious! Super!
I loved it!

Rosie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Jerri Jimenez said...

Oh my word, Sonja, this jewelry is stunning, I can't believe all the detail . . . just gorgeous!

Helen said...

Wow, the best quilling jewelry I've ever seen.

MariLynn said...

Happy Anniversary. I love your quilled jewelry set. Gorgeous!

Baukje said...

Groetjes Baukje

annie.anastasia said...

It looks very elegant!!

~Michelle~ said...

Wowza! are the most talented person....I just love looking at your creations! :)

love the antique look you achieved here!

cbuswell said...

wow really stunning and trendy too!! fab work!

TropicLuv said...

Hi Sonya! This jewelry set is beautiful! A lot of love went into this set, just stunning! I am a "newbie on the design team for Lime Light and I wanted to stop by and say hello. I look forward to seeing the wonderful things you will create for our projects, and also to get to know you! OH, and by the way, you are right - your grand-daughter IS the cutest Yoda baby ever! What a doll! Aloha, Joanne