Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lime Light Charitable Design Team Announcement

Hi all, a little preview of what is coming up this week and an announcement of what has been going on here in the background. I have been chosen to be on the Lime Light Charitable Design Team and was able to participate in a very special way today.  One of the charitable endeavors that the LLDT contributed projects to was, the Butterfly Project at the Holocaust Museum Houston.  I was honored to deliver the butterflies that were made by the DT and from crafters all over the US.  I have a video interview of that delivery and pictures that need to be edited and will post when it is finished.  Just wanted to give you a sneek peek at what was happening and what is coming up!

As you can see by the title, the Lime Light Charitable Design Team (of which I am a card-carrying member now) is having a blog hop this Friday at 8PM.  We want you to get to know us and what we do as a team, so we are having a blog hop so that you can visit the various team members' sites.  We also have a couple of the top Cricut bloggers on the net -- Everyday Cricut and Pink Cricut, that will be stops along the way.  The team came together a few years ago because of our love of Cricut, and we wanted to give you a couple of bonus's as these sites are top notch when it comes to Cricut creative inspiration. 

At 8 PM CST on Friday, we'll  be posting the instructions on how you get from blog to blog and what you need to do when you get to each blog (COME TO THE LIME LIGHT BLOG FIRST FOR INSTRUCTIONS).  All simple stuff.  Now, here's the fun part. We'll be giving away some very nifty prizes, including a grand prize stash worth over $150. And because I can't wait, I'm giving you a peek at the prizes. So sit down, take a look at the goodies, and then join us Friday at 8 CST for a fun time!

Here is a link to see the prizes! http://limelightscrappers.blogspot.com/2010/12/lime-light-charitable-design-team-blog.html

It is going to be a busy week here on my little blog with 2 blog hops (on the same day!), and here at home, my daughter is graduating from Stephen F. Austin with her BSN this weekend. 


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Ann Martin said...

Congratulations of being the one appointed to deliver the butterflies - how nice! And best wishes to your daughter in her nursing career.