Friday, May 15, 2009

Short Post

Hi all,

Just a short post to let you know I am working on another keepsake invitation and have a sympathy card to post - as soon as I get it sent (The recipient might get it sooner if I post it)! I also have been trying to sort and organize my craft area, no easy task, so I can have room to actually work! My table had gotten down to about a card size spot! I have acquired a lot of DP and have it scattered in piles which doesn't make it easy to see what I have! Plus the numerous embellishments, quilled shapes awaiting a permanent place scattered on the table mixed in with the current projects stuff!!!! So I will post these projects, I promise, in the next day or so. Until then,



1 comment:

Lisa Phillippi said...

I totally know what you mean about our workspaces! I have been working on mine too!