Sunday, May 24, 2009

Antique Quilling - Own a Piece of History

Hi all! You all know I love to quill and a chance to see the history of the art is a rare treat. I can't show you the picture on my blog due to it isn't mine, so I put a small teaser picture of a part of it. You will have to click on the link below to see a full size picture of a beautiful 1700th century quilled piece. The colors are still fairly vibrant and the intricacy and detail, and dimension are stunning. The person who created it also used what we now call "punched floral" but instead of using punches as we do today she cut and shaped each petal and leaf by hand. The owner has made a difficult decision to sell it and the contact, professional assessment, and a very brief history info is on the link below. I agree with Paula Bauer, whose site it is shown, that as with any piece of history, you can sit and wonder what was happening while the artist was twirling those little strips!
Quilling has changed through the years with style, color, design and paper changes, but you can see that there are still a continuity in technique and most of the flowers and scroll work are the same as today. I would have loved to sit with one of these expert quillers and learned her "secrets" of quilling! Stop by Paula's site and see this wonderful piece of history and if you have the means it can be yours!
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Lisa Phillippi said...

WOW...that is sooo beautiful! It is amazing to look at & I can only imagine what it will sell for! Thanks for sharing it with us!