Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Punch Shelf for Mother's Day!

Hi all! Funny looking card you say! Well making them requires a lot of paper art supplies and I have a very small space to keep them in. I still have two college attending daughters in my 'some-day' craft rooms. Paper punches take up a lot of room and are heavy in plastic stacking drawers. I researched many different storage solutions for paper punches and decided on a shelf and I asked my DH to make me one. The problem with asking him to make me a storage solution, was that I had to lay them all out on the kitchen counter so that he could measure to make sure the shelf would be big enough to hold them and any more that I would acquire. That meant that he had to see ALL of them and that would cause me grief later when I said I "needed" more, YKWIM? Well no pain no gain!
I found a similar looking shelf on a forum and showed him what I wanted and voila, I have a beautiful shelf to hold all of my paper punches. The shelves are slanted downward and have a lip on the edge to hold the punches from falling off. The larger punches fit comfortably on the shelves and the smaller ones could be doubled on a shelf if needed. As you can see there is a lot more room for MORE punches!

My DH worked all day on it and I love my Mother's Day gift! My punches are neat and I can see them making it easier to grab the ones that I need. I will post a couple of cards that I have made tomorrow and Friday. Blessings to all who are Mothers and to those who will soon be! My mother has been gone for 36 years now. She would have loved to be a grandmother and I know my kids, and grandkids, would have loved her. I will continue the thoughts on Mother's Day on a later post, so until then,





Comments are always welcome, I read and appreciate each one!


Archana said...

Perfect gift... Loved the shelf and all those punches.. Great collection.

I dream of having a big collection like that some day.

Waiting to see your cards.

Lisa Phillippi said...

How Awesome! I am green with envy-not really- That is the best present ever!!! I wish I had one!
Your hubby did a great job, he deserves a treat!

Crissy Armstrong said...

Great job on the shelf hubby! This is great!