Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quilled Napkin Rings

Hi all, I have been playing with the new look of my blog.  Let me know if you like it, I will keep this "try on" for a bit to see if it is the "one".  But for now I have the final project for the Custom Quilling June Newsletter to share with you, quilled napkin rings. 

Since this month's kit features beautiful green strips, I thought that I would do another "green" project and alter and recycle some cardboard rings that I had saved.  While I had these sitting on my table I noticed that they were almost the exact size as the cardboard ring that my glue dots came on, so I will be saving those as well to make more!  The ivy was made in the same way as the ivy for the Wisteria and Ivy Lantern from yesterday's post, except that I used three quilled marquise instead of one shaped coil for the leaf.  The focal flower is an eccentric coiled flower and you can see how to make it in my tutorial here.  It has a black dome shape tight coil for the center and two burgundy fringe flowers beside it. 

I used some of the pretty ivy designer paper from the kit to cover the outside of the rings and then inked the edges and sides to give them some interest and hide the raw cardboard look.  I didn't bother with the insides as it doesn't show when on the napkins, but I may go back and ink them anyway as you can see it when they are taken off, or just cover them with the same paper, which would be prettier. You can see the paper and the inking below.

It was an easy project that will look nice on my table and it goes perfect with a ceramic tea set that I made. I am working on more quilling projects and will be showcasing them here on my blog and on my new ETSY SHOP that will be opening soon!  When I get it all ready to open I will post a link and have a page tab at the top of my blog for the grand opening!  Tomorrow I will be back with another of the cards that I have finished and waiting to be shown.  Until then,


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Irena said...

Great project :)

Baukje said...

groetjes Baukje

Bribrie said...

Je trouve ça magnifique et quel travail ! Bravooo