Sunday, February 28, 2010

Framed Quilled Spring Verse

Hi all, still fighting the bad head cold but doing a bit better! Here is one of the promised quilled projects for the March Custom Quilling Newsletter.  This month's kit came with a set of beautiful soft pastel spring colored quilling strips and I just had to make a flower garden out of them.  I love quilling keepsake invitations and such so I decided to print out a verse and quill around it.  I chose 1 Chronicles 16:23-33 for it speaks of the Lord's salvation and the "fields be jubilant", perfect for a garden of flowers. 

These two pictures represent the colors the best but the one below turned out a bit yellower because it was taken inside and for the life of me I couldn't get a good picture that night.  But you can see the dimension in the layered flowers in it. 

I love making the eccentric 6 petal flowers and these have two layers in contrasting colors for added interest.  The design is a draping swag of spring flowers and have soft yellow quilled tulips and white coil viney flowers with Stickles glitter for sparkle.  I tried a new quilling technique (for me) on the blue 5 petal flowers with the orange crystal.  These tight open centered coils are made by wrapping your quilling strip around a large diameter round paintbrush handle or something similar.  The size of the opening is determined by the diameter size of your paintbrush/tool.    You glue the end as you would with a tight coil and then slip it off the paintbrush/tool and shape as you would any other quilled coil. 

The swag is filled in with punched pearlescent flowers with pearl centers and green/gold vellum "greenery".  The verse is matted with a gold metallic paper and is popped off the soft green 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock that comes in this months kit.  I wasn't thinking but I should have cut down the card stock to 8 x 10, which would have made framing this piece a bit easier if I wanted to put it in an 8 x 10 frame!  But I found a larger frame and matt the right color in my "saved for the right thing" stash and it fits perfectly. 

Stop by and see Sue's, my awesome design team sister's projects, they are just jaw dropping CUTE!  You can see the Custom Quilling Newsletter here.  Check back here for the next installment of my Quilled and Floral Punch calendar page, April, will be my next post, so check back! Or, you can get a look at it in the CQ Newsletter link above!  Be sure to vote for your choice in the poll on the side bar of my blog, it will be up for a couple of weeks to give everyone a chance to vote! For all my Canadian friends, that Maple Leaf is sure Golden!!!


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Regina said...

Absoltely stunning Sonya!!!!
You have such a talent!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!
Have a wonderful week!

Archana said...

Ive missed your quilling so much.. Loved to see it.

The arrangement is looking fabulous.. One can tell how much of thinking has gone into it. Each quilled piece is so neatly done.. I was praising the similarity and symmetry in your quilled pieces.

Another thing I really appreciate is your amazing ability to combine quilling and punch craft.. you make its combination look fabulous.

Thanks for sharing your work.. You always INSPIRE!

Pastila said...

Wonderful! Amazing!
I don't have words

How you make eccentric flowers?

WhiteRacoon said...

Yummy! So delicate and so fragant! And so spring-like =) A nice beginning of march =)
Love the additions - greenery and punched flowers, they fit just right!

Anonymous said...

It's a great work. Congratulations.

Helen said...

It is absouletly beautiful! Wow! What a fine skill you have!

Nati said...


Lisa Phillippi said...

Wow...this is so gorgeous! You do such beautiful work! It's all in the details!

Nagela said...

This is really beautiful work. Congratulations!

Chandni said...

Beautiful work! I'm getting back to quilling after a gap of more than 2 years and it was nice to look through your lovely blog. The design is so simple and yet so lovely! Will look forward to stepping by here often. Thanks for sharing! I quill at