Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Roses and Laurel Branch Quilled Keepsake Wedding Invitation

Hi all, here is the newest Quilled Keepsake Invitation. It is a gift for one of my DH former firefighter co-workers and his bride-to-be. The bride's flowers and colors are: white and yellow roses, chocolate with gold and silver accents. Since the groom is Greek I decided to add a bit of Greece into it with the laurel branches and berries which is symbolic of Greece. The invitation looks crooked in the picture but it isn't the photo was taken at a bit of an angle and when it was cropped to get no background border, it looks bit askew but isn't.

The calla lilies were added for a bit of interest and the gold vellum accent flowers have a sparkly gold crystal for their centers. Brides today have a trend to have a pearl or crystals in the center of the flowers in their bouquets, so I added this as well to the roses. As with each Keepsake Invitation that I create I "sign" it with a double heart and crystal somewhere on the piece. I think that these Keepsake's are my favorite quilling projects to do because for each one I like to make it personal and use their flowers, colors, or something special to the couple or person and/or their heritage. That is all for today, more later!
Comments welcome and appreciated!


Inna (Crafts, Kids, Quilling) said...

Sonya, this is stunning! Exceptionally beautiful!

helen said...

It's so beautiful!

Charlotte Canup said...

Just beautiful! I like how you have developed your own unique signature with the double heart and crystal embellishment.

Jerri Kay said...

This is absolutely incredible! I'm speechless! The roses and calla lillies are absolutely gorgeous!