Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quilled Flowery Hello

Hi all! Things have been very busy around here, getting my nursing student daughter ready to go back to S.F.A. and a last camping trip before school for her (posting more on this later). Also we will be out of town again this week so I will have a project to scheduled to post while I am gone. The busy schedule and the still constant pain hasn't let me work on many cards and I also have some DT projects in the works, but, I wanted to share one of this months Custom Quilling August Newsletter projects with you before we leave.
It is a simple but bold card with the eccentric quilled flowers peeking out from under and layered on top of the glittery chipboard HI.
I have more to post but I must finish packing, we have to be at the airport by 8 a.m. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and I have lots of ideas for cards and projects coming up when I get back later this week.
Comments welcome, If you email me I will respond when I get back!


Busym1 said...

I like it very much! michelle

Inna D. said...

Very pretty card!

Nati said...

I liked the combination of colors, beautiful!