Saturday, August 8, 2009

Butterfly Rose Card

Hi all, I went to the GI Dr. and he told me that I have to be on the acid reducer meds for two weeks before the insurance will even consider doing the other test. I am hoping that it will work but I have been on them before, but, maybe this time they will! I had a good day yesterday with the pain not as bad so I was happy to be able to create again! Notice I said nothing about cleaning the house that hasn't been done for a few weeks, priorities, right! lol!
I had several cards in various stages of completion and finished up this one which is appropriate for my current health trial! The roses are a creamy yellow with the tips of the petals inked in a raspberry and a touch of orange. They also have dew drops on them made with Crystal Effects. All of the roses have them but you can see them the best on the top right rose. The little accent flowers are made from cream pearlescent paper with a textured pearl for the centers. I think this is my favorite little accent flower, but sadly I think EK Sucess has discontinued this punch. For those who want it and can't find it in the stores, email them and tell them you want them to bring it back! I can't find the name for it anywhere but here is the picture of it so you know what it looks like.

The butterfly is one of Fred She Said's new releases, Flutterbies. I printed the flutterbie onto heavy weight vellum and took my embosser ink pen and inked the areas that I wanted to emboss with gold. Then I watercolored it with my tombow markers and added the black accents and glitter. These super cute butterflies come in several sizes and you can adjust them to whatever size you need. There are different transparency files and outlines so you can make background paper, or color and "paint" them in your favorite draw/paint, picture editor program.
And, Tracey gives GREAT tutorials on how to do that if you are technically challenged such as I! Her latest tutorial is on using distress inks to color and emboss her Lovely Blossom and Butterfly digi set. Tracey isn't just limited to digital art either, she is a very talented painter and her K9 art (pet portraits) is stunning, check out her blog here to see her most recent painting.
Thanks for the encouraging comments! I have heard that some of you are leaving comments and that they are not showing up. I too have had that experience on other blogs and I can't find the reason why it happens, must be a blogger glitch. If it does happen to you, please use the email contact link on the side bar and email me your comments or questions and I will enter them on the post for you!


Busym1 said...

Hi! Love your card! I am one of the lucky ones that has one of those punches! I hope your GI issues get straightened out! Feel better! Michelle

Christine said...

Sonya this is lovely the roses are great, i was wondering how you made these. I dont have that accent punch myself, but i do wish i could find one lol