Friday, August 14, 2009

Bring on the Bling!

Hi all! This card was made for Flourishes Fit For Royalty Contest, but, I only found out about it last night and I couldn't get a good enough picture of it before the deadline : ( . I entered it anyway and sent an explanation of why it was late. Maybe it will be considered, if not, that's ok. I had so much work into it I wanted to send it in anyway. The contest was to make a card fit for royalty. The first thing royalty that came to my mind was Faberge eggs! They are so beautiful and intricate and have lots of BLING! So I chose the Lily of the Valley egg and tried my hand at making a card to mimic the look of it.
It was very hard to get a decent photo of it because of the metallic cardstock that is the base layer of the lilies, the scalloped border and Fleur DE Li's. The lily of the valley flowers on the Faberge' egg are pearls and so I used my four petal punch and cupped it, added a pearl to the center and attached these to a gold gilded quilling strip. On the back side of the flower and strip I added a gold bead to add the gilded jewelry opulence the eggs have.
The purple metallic cardstock was scored on my ScorPal to look like tufting and I added a rhinestone to the intersections. The gold metallic scallop circle underneath as well as the border has aurora borealis crystals to further bling it up! The gold metallic fleur de lis have pearl accents as well. Shear ribbon finishes it off. Ok, I know I say this every time but it really does look A LOT prettier, shiny and glitzy in real life. Click on the picture to enlarge it.
I added this picture also, I am not happy with it, but it shows the metallic card stock better and the color is more true.

It was fun and hectic trying to get it done, and I don't know if I will do anything like it again, but it sure has BLING!
Comments always welcome!


Lisa Phillippi said...

Amazing! That is fit for royalty for sure...the first word that came to my mind was Regal! Hope they accect your entry!

Nur Karim said...

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Unknown said...

Because you are such an inspiration, I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! The details are on my blog!