Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quilled Blue Malaysian Flower Necklace

Wow, it amazes me how time flies!  The last few months of last year were really busy, taxing and just plain crazy.  And, while I had projects for Custom Quilling (this is one of them), I did not post them.  I want to thank all who follow my blog and apologize for not attending to posting and I DO appreciate you stopping by to visit my projects!!!!  Sometimes it is hard to "get back into it" as they say after an absence. 

So I will catch up on the projects not posted and then start with fresh ones for this year!  I have been lurking around the web and have seen some amazing quilled projects from all over the world.  Quilling is really coming into it's own with some unique styles from this new generation of quillers!

While browsing some those world wide quilling sites I found this little flower that is called a Malaysian Flower.  So called for the Malaysian quillers who created it and use it in some beautiful projects!!!!  Here is a link to the flower tutorial (scroll down to find it).  I decided to use it in a necklace and this time not gild the edges with metallic paint.  I loved the blue and white color pearly papers and I think it makes a striking statement. Click on pictures to see larger view. 

I wish I could capture the sparklyness (I know that isn't a word lol!!) of the crystals and dangles.  Even the flowers shimmer from the pearly papers.  These flowers are easy and fun to make and I know I will be using them often as they are lovely in any color combination.

My first online quilling class for My Creative Classroom was such great fun!  I loved the students and am looking forward to seeing their quilled projects for years to come!!!  I will be adding new quilling project classes in the coming months, but for now my original class, 
Quilling, Twirled Paper!
is being offered again and is open for enrollment now here.  Classes start March 2, 2012 but you can start after the official first day of class.  You can see a description of the class, a supply list and kits on the link above. I am looking forward to the new class and hope to see some of you there!  If you have any questions please email me!

More posts to post in the coming days, so check back soon! Thanks for all the comments that everyone left for me in my absence!!



aureliaeugenia said...

Everybody waited for a new creation and I'm the first to congratulate you for it -love the most, the blue tone and white combiation.
all the best,aureliaeugenia

Nágela said...

Very beautiful and delicate!

Simona said...

Very nice , congratulation !

Kathy M said...

Sparklyness is SO a word! LOL. Beautiful, but then everything you create is!

Baukje said...

all your work is fantastic!
Greetings Baukje

quilled paper paradise said...

Welcome back! I am visiting your blog for a while and I finally met a new post. I am a new Quiller and learn from more experienced. Your blog is among them. Thank you for shared knowledge. Big hug from Croatia

quilled paper paradise said...

Please come and see my new creations. They are all in beehive technique.

Cathy said...

Wow this is sooooooooo pretty. If I made quilling jewelry this is definitely one I would do.

kasia23112511 said...

You are doing a great things :)

Jennifer Stacey said...

This is soooo inspirational! I never thought of quilling in jewelry like this. Beautiful!!!

Regina said...

This is so beautiful, so elegant!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!!