Thursday, April 1, 2010

May Daffodil Calendar Page

Hi all.  Lot's of apologies today, and it's no April's Fools.  First, as you can see it has been a bit between posts.  Life has been a bit crazy and medication changes have left me down more than up.  Pain management hasn't been managing much! But that is no excuse, next, I want to apologize to all who love the Custom Quilling Newsletter that Denise works so hard on each month, and to Denise and Sue also, for not getting my projects in on time, causing it to be delayed in transmission.  It seems that I have been a day late, literally,  for the last couple of weeks and can't seem to get caught up.  So for those who were wondering where your newsletter subscription was/is, please blame me, not Denise!  Denise is so wonderful to create for and has a great online store and resource for quilling and just about any paper crafting supplies!  I sincerely regret causing it to be late as Denise is so efficient, timely and dedicated in everything that is involved with Custom Quilling and her customers, and I would not want it to reflect upon her!  I did finally get my projects to her early this morning and your newsletter should be on it's way to you!

Here is one of my projects, the May Calendar page.  The pretty yellow card stock in this months kit was perfect for these cheery floral punch daffodils.  The petals are from the soft mottled card stock and the center of the daffodils are made from water colored coffee filter paper.  Little blue accent flowers with yellow pearl centers give some contrasting softness.  Now back to getting caught up!  More projects later.



Ann said...

Hope you'll soon be feeling much better, Sonya. You've been through the mill lately, but your projects are gorgeous as always. The daffs look so real!

Custom Quilling said...

Your projects are more than worth waiting for!
Another amazing job this month... Thank you!

Keep on Quillin',

Lisa Phillippi said...

Hi Sonya...I totally hear ya on the crazyness of life latley! I also got behind...and can't seem to catch up! Oh well....tomorrow is another day! Beautiful calendar!

Helen said...

Another beautiful calendar!