Thursday, July 24, 2008

I've been a bad blogger!

It has been a lot more than a little while since I have blogged. The reasons? One I look at others blogs and see great ones then look at mine, ugh. Then I think what do I have to write about that others would find interesting? I love reading others blogs, the little things about their lives, art, collections etc. So I decided to start once again and be faithful to blog. I do have new quilling to post, and still have devotionals already done, just need to post. So look forward to new posts!

First, please keep my oldest daughter in your prayers. My soon-to-be granddaughter is due Aug. 28 but is not doing well and may decide to changer her birthday to next week. Please pray that she is healthy and no complications.

Well that is all for now,



JoAnnC. said...

Of course will pray for Cassandra and Avalea! We want pictures of Israel!!!!!!BTW-your blog RAWKS!

GemStateMom said...

Welcome back to blogland, Sonya.

Look forward to hearing what you've been up to.

I'm Toni said...

Hope all is well with your little one.
Don't feel bad about taking a break - we all do that! And there's nothing wrong with your blog! looking forward to hearing from you.